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About Gary:

SalesPerfect Founder, Motivational Speaker and Trainer:


Motivational Speaking and Sales Success - Speaker & Trainer.

The boring part - CV...(;-))......

  • I was born naked in 1960. Had a very inquisitive childhood, hurting myself at every opportunity with any possible object!

  • Started selling at the age of 7 as soon as learning how to count money!

  • Quite ordinary schooling, with extra-ordinary relations with my lecturers. Giving them hard times by asking the questions they never have thought of before!. Some liked me for that, while others did not!

  • I arrived to South Africa in 1989 in my search for a really interesting country. And found it here.

  • Highest education level: University! (I am not proud of this at all - It took me 15 years to undo the damage!) 
    "I was born intelligent - education almost ruined me!"

  • Spent 7 years on manufacturing, design and liaison, management at an international company, mostly chatting with people about their culture, while still performing my duties with outstanding efficiency. Reputed to be the Best Problem Solver they ever had!

  • Moved into formal sales and achieved the best salesperson awards every year for doubling or tripling my sales figures while sharing my area with newcomers.  

  • My department grew from 1 person to 7 within 3 years, attracting competition principles to move their agencies to us.

  • Revived sales figures from disaster to success and re-gained high market shares for every product I sold.

  • Decided to share my discoveries about sales success with others and spent some years to improve, refine and practice my SALESPERFECT system without any income. (Spending some of my fortune made by my commissions..)

  • Trained many companies and individuals ranging from IT, finance, consumer products, services, direct or corporate sales, telesales, franchise, etc.. with sales items priced from R1.00 to R5,000,000.00...

  • Appeared on SABC TV and Radio programmes, invited as an expert on Motivation and Sales related issues.

  • Now I am in the process of reaching my goal to become the best Motivational Speaker and Sales trainer to train 10 million people and other trainers and change the image of Sales profession something to be proud of again.. 

  • What other people say about Gary?

    • I have hundreds of feedback forms filled-in at the end of my training and motivational workshops. They all focus around descriptions like:
      "Exceptional, very interesting, capturing, entertaining, eye opening, out of the box, very applicable etc.."

    • Answering the question: "Would you be prepared to pay for it from your own pocket?" they all have written "Yes" and 98% of my trainees are interested in further training.

    Hi Gary

    I would just like to say THANK YOU for taking the time to motivate me  I feel better within me once I realise that things are not so bad.

    Thanks once again for making my day brighter.


Hi Gary

Thank you very much for the words of encouragement I just want to say that I am in the process of looking around and I am at a stage in my life where I want to make huge changes and your words just make me that much more positive.

Thank You
Jason Nel
Orion SA
Account Manager

Related Accomplishments:

  • Appeared on TV and radio as an expert on Motivation and Sales related issues.

  • Invited to University of  Pretoria as a guest lecturer to give my advice about real life to their 4th year students.

  • Rewarded with a luxury cruise holiday for two, and a week at Mauritius for two, as a result of my outstanding sales success for 2 years in a row.

  • Paid off my property and vehicles loans before reaching my 40 as a foreigner in a new country, within only 11 years.

  • Honoured as being the “best salesman”, for doubling and tripling my sales targets each year while my areas were shared with other sales people.

  • Received a Gold certificate at a Speed Reading course in English! (my second language..)

  • To run a successful business to help others in achieving their best..

  • I also have failed in a few occasions like anybody else, but always stood up stronger and built detours to success! 

  • Best of all, I was never satisfied with my achievements, always aimed for a higher purpose and enjoyed the ride..

Good news is: Any one can do better than I did with proper training, using their own strengths.


Just like everybody else, I also have attended  to a number of training classes for improvement.
Such as: Self-management, time-management, presentation skills, selling skills, key account management, telephone skills, speed reading, project management, executive image, mentorship training, selling for profit, and some technical training like lightning protection etc..  
Also have attended to a number of  motivational speeches, seminars and SALES training programs along the way..
Unfortunately, most of them were disappointingly fake and useless! In some extreme cases, I applied the exact opposite and became more successful!
( Does it ring the bell? )


My Life Philosophy:

Question everything. Never accept anything blindly, before considering all other alternatives. 

Never take anything at its face value.

Three letter word “WHY” is my leader and “WHY NOT” is my mentor.

Life is a learning ground for awareness, where we continuously learn. Learning to love, to achieve more and to understand the secrets of life. While some of us achieve their best, others remain where they are and some even fall back downwards.

It is a continuous journey, let’s enjoy the ride!

 Why can I help you ?

Everybody can achieve what I achieved and much much more!. 

Still, most of my colleagues with better education, opportunities, income or other resources were left behind!! Why?

I guess they did not have the same Motivation and Mind to take calculated risks, as I did.

Or maybe they were not as flexible and forward thinking as I was. In short, they were not as motivated as they could be. And I guess they did not know how and when to act!

Some others, who applied the secrets to success, can not share them with you!

Why? Because they are not always aware what their real secrets were! They make wrong associations with their successes and the "secrets"!
(Hard work, determination, perseverance, honesty, etc.. are not enough! Look around, there are a lot of people applying them to their life and still struggling for success!)

Good news is: I discovered, refined and simplified those secrets. Made sure that everyone can understand and apply them to their lives.

Will you let me share all those secrets with you and your team? 

If you really want to make an improvement in your life,
Help me to help you! I love you all. I want you to become what you deserve to be. ALMOST INSTANTLY!

If you want to win the marathon, talk to a marathon runner, if you want to climb the mount Everest, talk to a mountaineer. If you want to overcome cancer, talk to a cancer survivor. If you want to be Rugby player, talk to a Rugby hero.

But, if you want to be more successful on your job, become financially strong, improve your sales, discover the secrets of success, happiness and enjoy the life you deserve, talk to me!

      Please Call  GARY at  Tel:(082) 786 4870


See you successful!




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