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Speaker selection guide 
for companies & event managers:

Due to our experience and exposure to more than 50 local and international 
speakers and trainers of all calibre, 
We are confident that we can help you select the best speakers for your needs or purposes.

Let us save your time and money by offering you a filtered list of  alternatives to chose from. 

We can offer you the best options, while preventing a costly and irreversible "trial and error" disaster!

How do we match the right speaker for your needs? 

Here are some of our guidelines;

  • Your company culture.( Traditional, modern, risk taker, controversial, informal...)

  • Your value system. (Ethical, financial, social, ..)

  • Rewarding system (Position, travel, bonus, commission, other incentives )

  • Age, gender, social and cultural origins (exp: average age 25, male, store-managers, Zulu,..)

  • Past training (Motivational, sales, presentation, account management skills....)

  • Expected results ( increase in sales figures, profits, morale, team spirit,..)

  • Costs and Payment terms.

  • Timing (Working hours, after hours, weekends.. How long in total..)

  • Size of your groups ( individual, 5, 10, 20, ++ )

  • Supplementary videos, materials..

Send us an e-mail to gary@motivation.co.za  with your details based on your needs.. or simply call Gary: 
 082 786 4870 / 011 516 0703

You will get the best trainer, Your delegates will achieve their goals, your company will reach its targets, and our Trainer / Speaker will be satisfied...

Do not have a big budget for a speaker, but still in a desperate need for motivation ?
Send us an e-mail to gary@motivation.co.za  with  your details 

see you successful!



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