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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do most motivational books, videos, trainings loose their effects very soon?

A: They are like "morphine" injections to reduce the pain from an injury. Their aim is just to give you a temporary relive. Not to cure the problem, but deal with the symptoms. As long as the problems remain unsolved, even the best motivation alone may not be effective. Unless motivation is combined with action to remove the obstacles, it cannot last long. We do not offer "feel good" type motivation. We help you to find the source of your de-motivation and remove it from your life, by encouraging you to act on it. 

Q: I know what is my problem, but somehow I fail to act on it. Why?

A: You want to act on it. But, you do not know where to start. Even when you know what to do, it is more painful to do something than doing nothing. 
And sometimes the solution or the action is against your nature or principals. 

Q: Why do you think I should buy your videos or attend your training, while I can find a lot of free information from Internet, like I found you?

A: Of course you can. But ask yourself: Is it worth your time to search, print read and evaluate all the info for months and maybe years. I already did that and tested and compared what works and what does not in the last 15 years. 
(Even before Internet!) I spent my time and money to refine and eliminate the garbage from Gold for you! And I never forget:
"I don't ask how much it costs, I ask how much it will cost if I don't buy it now!"

Q: What is wrong with some delay in learning the secrets of success?

A: Never forget that you will not live forever and you will not remain as young and energetic forever. Enjoying the emotional and physiological effects of success can not be measured with any amount of money.
Just consider how much more money you will be earning or saving in the next 2 years if you start applying what you will learn from us. Your returns will far exceed your investment.

Q: How do I know what you say will work for me?

A: Our systems are based on motivating you according to your own values and problems to find the route to your own success. We do not apply the  "One size fits all" approach. Plus, We will help you to find the most pleasant ways to act on them, today, tomorrow, next month, next year with joy!

Q: What are the differences between Videos, live training and personal coaching? 

A: Videos (and Audio options) are non-interactive but totally confidential. You can watch them on your own, many times over and over. Least costly option as well.
Class training is interactive. More personal assistance can be provided as long as you are prepared to share your problems. You can also learn from others in the same group. Usually costlier than Video and Audio options.
Personal Coaching is always the best. While confidentiality is strictly observed, you can share all your problems and values to your coach to discover your own strengths to overcome all obstacles and get results you never thought were possible. Of course this is the most costly option, but worth every cent.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with your Videos, training or coaching?

A: Videos and Audios: Understandably, these can be open to abuse (illegal copying etc..) , we can not offer any refunds but replace any faulty product within 14 days of purchase. ( just like any DVD, Video or CD purchase) 
Training: Just in case, if you are not completely satisfied, we will donate the full amount to S.O.S children fund or Nelson Mandela Children fund and send you the receipt.
Coaching: If you believe I am not the best person to help you after 10 hours of coaching. We will refund you 70 percent of your payments and stop further coaching.

Q: I have a different comment or question, how can I ask?

A: Please phone:
082 786 4870 or 011 516 0703 or FAX: 086 51 59 071

Best regards and best wishes..




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