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Inspirational Stories:

On his death bed, a fruit farmer called his sons to make an announcement. 

"You know, I own a much larger land than I processed until now. And want you to know that there is a pot of gold hidden somewhere in my property. I want you to dig it out after my death." 

His sons wanted to ask where it was, but their father died before he could give the answer.

Soon after the funeral, they started digging furiously.  Acre after acre. 
The land was too big to finish digging in one season. So, when it was time to plant new trees on the old section, they planted new plants on the new sections to take advantage of their hard work in digging and aerating. 

This went on a few seasons, and finally they finished digging for the pot of gold. But, there were no gold to be found. 

Once the feeling of disappointment left their souls. They realised that their harvest was hugely more than it was a few years earlier! 

This was the "pot of gold" they were searching for! It was not only worth more than a pot of gold, but was like finding a pot of gold every year! 


There will be more stories soon..

Enjoy your life..






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