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Why me? - Why you?:


Before I talk about myself, may I take the initiative and guess who you are and why you are here?

Let's start with;

Who do you believe you are?, and  what do you feel about yourself?:

  • You are reasonably successful at what you are doing, but still believe you can do better, and you deserve better.

  • You are not sure whether you are in the right track.

  • You achieve more when you are motivated, but it does not last long enough to take you where you want to be.

  • You heard and read a lot about success secrets, but they are not applicable to your situation. And they conflict with each other. You don't know where to start. 

  • Your intuitions and your reality do not match each other most of the time. 

  • Your family or friends apply undue pressure on you.

  • Your financial situation is not where it should have been by now.

  • You are in stress most of the time. Difficulties in sleeping well and wake up tired.

  • You believe that your contributions are not always recognized, and more..

You are not alone, 97 percent of people have the same problems! 
Bad news is: 

Only 3 percent of people around us are really successful and satisfied.

However, either;

They are not prepared to share their secrets with you, because they found them the hard way and prefer to keep them as secrets!


They are not aware of their real secrets because they apply them naturally, instinctively!

How can we help you then?:

I am not a prophet, magician, healer or any other person with extrasensory  powers. But I experienced most of your problems myself. And each time, asked "Why? and How?", until I discovered all the answers. You may be able to do same. But why waste your years, while you can learn them from me in a few hours. As they say:

"Wise man learns from others' experiences, only a  fool learns from his own" 

You can learn a lot by just reading on your own. But, the problems are:

  1. Most material you will find are outdated, old fashioned.

  2. Mostly conflicting with each other. 

  3. Written by someone who has nothing similar with you and your life.

  4. Too superficial and unrealistic.

  5. They assume you have nothing to do but home works which they insist!

  6. Some are full of immoral "Tricks and Tactics" every body already knows.

  7. You do not want to fool people, you want to be yourself.

  8. You do not have time and money to find them all and read.

  9. You do not like "Lunatic games" like "love yourself, hug yourself.."

You heard of some group training and motivation, but;

  1. You, don't like to be asked personal questions in "self help groups"

  2. Do, not like physical contact with strangers.

  3. They have religious or cult-like approach to real life problems.

  4. Expensive and/or time consuming.

  5. You do not want every body to know you have been there.

  6. Times are not convenient.

  7. They are like Alcoholic Anonymous "Hi, John.."

So, What are the solutions?

Firstly, you need to find the person you can associate and learn from his experiences. I  believe I am that person for you. Your friend, your coach, your true and honest feed-back resource, with realistic and applicable solution provider. In person or on Videos and Audio materials.

Why can I help you? and How?

Everybody can achieve what I achieved and much much more!. 

Still, most of my colleagues with better education, opportunities, income or other resources were left behind!! Why?

I guess they did not have the same Motivation and Mind to take calculated risks, as I did.

Or maybe they were not as flexible and forward thinking as I was. In short, they were not as motivated as they could be. And I guess they did not know how and when to act!

Some others, who applied the secrets to success, can not share them with you!

Why? Because they are not always aware what their real secrets were! They make wrong associations with their successes and the "secrets"!
(Hard work, determination, perseverance, honesty, etc.. are not enough! Look around, there are a lot of people applying them to their life and still struggling for success!)

Good news is: I discovered, refined and simplified those secrets. Made sure that everyone can understand and apply them to their lives.

Will you let me share all those secrets with you and your team? 

If you really want to make an improvement in your life,
Help me to help you! I love you all. I want you to become what you deserve to be. ALMOST INSTANTLY!

If you want to win the marathon, talk to a marathon runner, if you want to climb the mount Everest, talk to a mountaineer. If you want to overcome cancer, talk to a cancer survivor. If you want to be Rugby player, talk to a Rugby hero.

But, if you want to be more successful on your job, become financially strong, improve your sales, discover the secrets of success, happiness and enjoy the life you deserve, talk to me!

      Please Call  GARY at   082 786 4870



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